antique typewriter planter

It would seem that my blog needs watering and tending. Good intentions do not always lend themselves to helping something thrive; the action must accompany thought. I know I need to give alphabetical shape to the landscape of my thoughts in terms of linguistic authenticity, reflection, and passion. And then there are the everyday happenings that bear recording, as well.

Today, when I was at Mead’s Corner studying, there was a man sitting just catty-corner to me, comfortably in a sturdy, just-rightly-stuffed chair who was wearing hunting camo pants with red and black plaid socks and a brown leather belt with brass grommets, much like one would have seen on a hippie in the 70’s (and perhaps he was one, as evidenced by his grey hair…) He was brewing a little tea in his paper coffee mug, happy as a clam. He struck me as being somebody worth getting to know, but I studiously stayed in my own space and tried very hard to divert my attention away from people-watching and playing Words With Friends, in order to study my Organization of Information book, or to critique a journal article from Malaysia for a paper that’s due on Thursday for school. It was a lovely day. This man obliquely kept me company while I waited patiently for a fellow student to join me. I sipped my medium caramel latte, and enjoyed the positioning of my table; just next to a window with bright light, and right where I could see all the comings and goings of the shop. Perfect. Bliss. These are the moments for which I waited. Time to ponder, time to study, time to just BE, in the midst of other people wanting to just BE.