It is snowing.

                   I am running.

My eyeballs are being sharply beaned by a steady pelting of snowflakes***

                   It is crazily pleasant.

My lashes and lids become alert and protective,

                   ImageFully Alive.

An occasional splash of cold, cul-de-sac, puddle water over the front of my Gel ASICs

                   Startles Me.

Breath, hot and steamy in the enclosed personal sauna of insulated mask, windbreaker and gloves~

                   I am a human, thermodynamic oasis in the icy weather.

Along the path is a line of juniper bushes,

                  Laden with cream and sugar.

A dream-like memory of my father, young, handsome Marine awakens in my consciousness;

                  He is spraying the bag worms on the juniper under the south window.

I am watching, crouched on my young, spindly, innocent haunches.

                  Perplexed, not understanding the threat,

I feel sorry for the residential Salina bagworms. I consider them to be

                  Rather Beautiful: Innocent Victims.


                                                                       A. Locke