Languish in the lavishness of language.  Incline your ear to the hush-like chaos.

Gather and trawl the net of billions upon billions of human neuralgic branches;

infinitely finite.

Travel in circles, spheres, ellipses of guided firings

Mind your head.

Papua New Guinean pidgin, Icelandic geysers, laughter in the jungle.

Time and Voice have been given.

Planetary percolation of vocalization

Guttural, fricative, spirant!

space                                        is                                          silent

The orbital patterns of thought that mimic the glide of Jupiter on her course

are cached, enshrouded, saved for illuminative purposes.

A universe hangs about one’s neck; celestial bodies are strung like pearls.

Glowing.  Emanating.

Out of them flow rivers of life… equators of answers.

Close to the airway, close to the heart.

Oh, bundled brain of semiotic sweetness,

with recursive loops swirling like a teacups ride in the park,

whirling dervishes of darkness and light inseparably striated and dancing together,

your limbic system swings on a star, with hope and no expectation.

It’s better that way.

A fierce and gentle  constellation of royal blue and gaseous-white sets the heavenly stage,

ready for a meatier meteor, a chunk of change that may not stick;

may, in fact, disappear in a faraway galaxy.

Space              chase                   encase                     erase

Think.  Sit.  Stay.   Cotton candy elementals pull apart too easily.

Atomic prerogative.

I draw on the core, collective sea of human memory …


Traversing the Cosmopolitan Cosmos,

we all have skimmed the crater-filled surfaces lightly.

Carnival mallet mercury rising with each new BANG of discovery.

A. Locke 2013