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How are colors significant in someone’s life? It seems there is usually a history, a story behind the embracing of colors. The connections can be undeniably permanent.  A little line-up of my emotionally conjured favorites ensues…

Why I love baby blue:

my grandmother’s, father’s and brother’s eyes

the decor in Grandmother’s house (especially the glass birds and curtains)

the light blue and cream cameo necklace, ring, and earring set from Grandmother

the portrait of me in 2nd grade wearing a light blue blouse and blue satin hair ribbon

my favorite dress as a 3rd grader; peasant dress (think “Heidi”) with a brown and light blue calico print

my bedroom as a teenager in Denver; my light blue and brown mountain landscape themed bedspread

prom dress in high school

my first typewriter (electric)

Why I love lavender:

my room in 7th grade in Garden City, where I was the “new kid,” had lavender wallpaper with white daisies on it, and the cheeriness of it got me through the year

Easter, lilacs, and irises

Why I love taxi-cab yellow:

my dress, for Aunt Darlene’s wedding, along with the grown-ups (1975?)

my pom-pom uniform in 8th grade

the happy face cookie jar in our 1970’s kitchen

the decor in my childhood kitchen, along with orange

Why I love hot pink:

bathing suit in elementary school was psychedelic hot pink, orange, yellow, turquoise

Valentine’s Day alternative to red

Passionate alternative to red for anything

Why I love turquoise:

peacock feather arrangement my mother had in the living room when I was small

my childhood and current bicycle

Native Americans

my mother’s turquoise and green swirly dress she wore when I was in kindergarten

the decor in my mother’s house

the water off the coast of Vanimo where we snorkeled in PNG

Why I love walnut brown:

lawyer’s bookcases

walnut furniture in the living room growing up

leather, horses, my gorgeous cousin Martha’s hair

mud pies in the back yard in Salina

house color in Denver where I grew up the second half of childhood