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This has been my favorite poem for a few decades now, although I haven’t read as much poetry as I’d like to yet . It is a new goal of mine to do so.  This one has always lit a fire in my soul. Its holds a place in my very old, vintage poetry book, light burgundy, cloth-covered, with a pansy pressed in it (in a kleenex) from Greeley, Colorado that lived at least 30 years ago and still holds its vibrancy. The book is “Modern American Poetry/ Modern British Poetry, Combined Edition” by Louis Untermeyer.  The age of the book, last copyrighted in 1942 by Harcourt, Brace and Company, with its yellowed pages and wonderful old-book scent, serve to add to the tragic romance-like feel…

I couldn’t decide on just one image for it, so am hoping these two combined will communicate its full impact.


” I burned my life that I might find

A passion wholly of the mind,

Thought divorced from eye and bone,

Ecstasy come to breath alone.

I broke my life to seek relief

From the flawed light of love and grief.

With mounting beat the utter fire

Charred existence and desire.

It died low, ceased its sudden thresh.

I had found unmysterious flesh-

Not the mind’s avid substance- still

Passionate beyond the will.”




Photo credits:  Google images