Letter to my husband, Ken, during our 2-year stay in Oksapmin, Papua New Guinea from 1987 – 1989; I was on a trip back to the States for a friend’s wedding. Ken took a vacation to the coast during my trip. The route to America took me through Indonesia.


Note across the top:  I didn’t have any stationery, so I ripped this page out of my journal! ha

Albepura, Indonesia

30 June 1988

8:00 a.m.

Dear Ken,

Hello, Sweetheart, I already miss you!  I’ve left you only yesterday and can still see you smiling and waving at me from the tarmac.  My consolation is that you are in Vanimo, with friends and good food.  If I had left you alone in Oksapmin, I’d feel much worse, I’m afraid.

We got here around 3:00 p.m. yesterday, went through customs – then Sandy (the single woman) and I were driven to the SIL Guest House.  They had space for me, thank God! And meals are provided if you sign up for them ahead.  They easily changed money from kina into rupiahs @ the SIL finance office.  I change K20 and got R36,000 plus I have the R11,500 from Joe.  That ought to be enough for accomodation, meals, and some shopping. 🙂

There is a German SIL couple here who live in the Interior, they call it, which means “the bush.”  They’ve been here 4 yrs. and are going on 1-yr. furlough, then back for 4 more yrs.  The wife is young and nice (3-yr. twins and a 7-yr. old girl) and took us to the market last night, which closed by 8:00.  I found some gorgeous batik material (he agreed to R13,000 down from R17,000.  I’m such a haggler. ha), bought a fried banana to snack on.  The people sit on the ground for market like PNG, but it’s night so they use candles to illuminate their food & goods.  It was beautiful!  We also went to a supermarket, where I found you some coffee (despite the fact that she warned me it’s very strong & no good.  I hope it suits you ok) and dried roast beef, just add water & cook??  I found some shrimp crackers that cook like sago pops to try w/ Mom and Dad.  Woke up @ 5:00 a.m. & read “The Three Hermits” by Tolstoy.  Couldn’t sleep any more!  Beautiful sunrise by 5:45 ~ sun like a fiery marigold and a papaya tree right next to my window.  Will write again soon.  Please be good to yourself!  I’m writing lots in my journal already.  No pizza yet…



P.S:  We’re shopping in Jayapura today.  I’d like to find some nice (lightweight) things.