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I ran out of shaving cream in the shower, after defuzzing only one leg.  The can pronounced its emptiness with a perfunctory little “phht,” and that was that.  Quickly assessing the plethora of products surrounding the edges of my tub/shower, I thought “hmm, baby shampoo is soft, I’ll use that instead.”  I had it in there for my hair, bought ages ago and I hardly ever use it, in spite of intentions to the contrary.

I ended up using it on my whole body.  The scent wafted up all around me and I had a spiritual experience.

Everyone loves that baby shampoo scent.  Either you had it used on you when you were a baby, you gave your brothers and sisters a bath in it, or you’ve bathed your own children in it.  It just brings back beautiful memories.

As an olefactory remembrance, I felt joy.  But then- one step further – I realized that this was a beautiful act of self-care.  Lovingly bathing myself in a scent usually reserved for babies and toddlers, I realized that this was a lovely way to nurture the child within… the one who still craves hugs and ice cream and bubbling laughter and bike rides.

It made me feel safe. Loved. Special.  Still growing and learning, with potential. Extra clean.

I think I’ll keep it in stock.