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Topaz and emerald fields spread out on both sides of the highway
Under a Renoir sky
Broccoli lines and clusters of trees seem to observe me as I whizz past
I see that the West has always been in expansion
Wide open
An aerial view without ever leaving the earth
The lay of the land is easy on the eyes; fields of vision gently gliding
[I imagine: boots on the ground, and calico sun bonnets
Leather saddles, wool, cotton, and metal,
blackened pots, frayed hemlines]
Visions were carried out
shielding delicacy and trumpeting courage
I would rather be in these open fields traveling and envisioning this present day and its past
Than be on a luxurious ocean cruise
The warm, waving wheat is a sea of productivity and sweat and nourishment and freedom
It breathes and sighs
Sophisticated simplicity

A. Locke 2013