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In my most recent undertaking of poetry exploration, I have been leafing through Rimbaud, Whitman, and Verlaine, for a small beginning. I have many books of poetry in my possession that I have yet to retrieve from various corners of my abode, and yet I am compelled to request more library tomes and purchase new ones from Amazon to add to the collection.
With a constant hunger for knowledge, I follow Brain Pickings on Twitter, (which I highly, HIGHLY recommend) and there was, in that shared space, a reading by Sylvia Plath of her poem “Tulips.” It so entranced me that I began YouTubing more of this extraordinary poetess, no stranger to some, but I knew of her in name only.
She is fast becoming one of my literary heroines.
Her fearlessness, brutal honesty, capturing of minutiae and broad brushstrokes all at once, and masterful ability with words has caught my full attention.
Listen on, to Sylvia herself…