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Plinka, the Lobotomized Fairy

Allow me to explain.

When our daughter was a wee lass, my husband began a children’s book series for her called ” The Adventures of Plinka.” Plinka was a fairy who lived in Mushroomette #734 very near the ocean. When she would get frustrated with the questions of life, she would holler at the sea, “I need some answers, doggonit!” She did wing-muscle exercises for her posture, and she had many friends, but none of them had any answers except for the sea; and she didn’t speak waterish, fresh or salt, so grew no wiser. One day a small, damp, brownish, shivering rodent named Carlos entered her life….

And so part of the synopsis of the story goes. Cassidy illustrated the book herself and it is bound for posterity in real spiral and plastic. Maybe one day we will actually publish it!

To make a short story shorter, we bought this fairy garden statue years ago to represent Plinka. She has lived in our back yard, but at her own peril. A hailstone got her in the forehead one year, much to our chagrin. We couldn’t bear to part with her; we thought of many ways to hide her injury, including fashioning some sort of beautiful hat or headband with a big flower… but my practical husband, and Plinka’s creator, decided to fill in the cavity with some gray putty. He is nothing if not practical…

It goes without saying that we just consider that Plinka had brain surgery and is still happily with us. Even with her lobotomy, she looks triumphant and content. Her knowing little smile suggests that perhaps she has some answers after all.