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Starbucks-Crossed Lovers

I had never beheld such passion before, in a public place, as I sat sipping my caramel latte at the end of a school weekend in Emporia, Kansas. Sitting in my little corner, trying desperately not to appear to be a stalker, and keep to the reading of my poetry by Symborska, my eyes kept returning to the affections of this young, bright-eyed, beautiful couple.

She gazed upward into his eyes, as if drinking in his very soul, and everything about her body language and facial expression seemed to shout out, “I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!” He responded in kind, kisses and smiles. She played with his hair, leaned in frequently just to be inches away from him. They would ease into stretches of minutes when they were sharing and talking and relaxing, telling stories… I could not hear anything they said, of course, but by the context of their movement could only say that they were both enjoying themselves immensely…and then, not being able to stand it one moment longer, were back in each other’s sphere, caressing and gazing and soaking in each other’s attention.

It gave me the greatest joy. It gave me goosebumps. It was one of the most purely inspired, romantic encounters I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.