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Today, I am compelled to share the lifetime achievements of this beautiful man. He has been my inspiration for so many years now, and I am reflecting on the discipline and passion he has integrated into the confines of his body by way of modern dance and ballet. He is a legend in his own time, showing us the art of movement, the ephemeral expression shown in a gesture, a leap, a series of impossible pirouettes. He is the embodiment of a perfect man’s body in my eyes, more so than any other type of athlete, simply because the bound-up athleticism is accompanied by outward expression of sensitivity and flexibility of heart and mind and soul.

Applauding Mikhail is not enough; I don’t know how to offer a tribute to him in my own life other than to say he changes me and elevates my spirit. The true artist in him reaches out to the burgeoning artist in me, and there is an eternal connection that defies time and geography.

Bravo, Mikhail. Bravissimo.