Some good thoughts here! And a fascinating chart, to boot. 🙂


When do you abandon a book?  When do you decide that a book is just too terrible, or too boring, or too traumatic, or too whatever to finish?

For me, I abandon more books than I used to, since my reading time is at more of a premium.  I usually wait until after the second chapter, because I have run into a few books with terrible first chapters that end up fantastic – you just have to grit your teeth.   Generally though, a book has to be truly terrible for me to abandon it, not just mediocre.

Recently I was trying to read The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny.  This is a book that can properly be called a tome, all ten books of the series in one.  Whew.  I managed to struggle through the first five, but gave up mid-way through six.   I tried it because…

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