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Feb. 15th.  Saturday Evening.

    Round about 7 or 7:30, we all decided to answer the call to hunger and student responsibilities as a group.  It took us a while traipsing around looking for a place with WiFi as well as food. We hunted all around a close perimeter to our hotel, but wandered further and further out, even going so far as to inquire at the university library, as well as several pubs.  The university library obviously had WiFi, but the desk clerk was unable to supply permission for us to come use it without being “registered.” So, after we recovered from our temporary dejection, we went galavanting purposefully, and with growling tummies, toward a more fulfilling destination.  It was a beautiful night, clear, with a full moon. We went to Bloom’s Pizza Café for Internet access, as a couple of us wanted to get some homework done. I had Hawaiian pizza and a Pepsi served to me cold with no ice, which was pretty good. We could only get passwords for the WiFi if we bought something; they give you a voucher after you pay for your food, and each person has a unique code.  We had a great time!  We couldn’t have had more perfect weather for our first, welcoming day to London, and a perfect ending with which to tuck it in and say goodnight.

     My roommate and I entertained ourselves in the room with the BBC and the Olympics for a while, I caught up on Facebook, etc. and we watched some YouTube videos.  I simply was not tired and resorted to taking another round of Tylenol PM.  We agreed that ocean waves in the duration of 4 hours from a YouTube video might be a nice way to nod off, so we set that to work and covered the laptop brightness with the blue piece of fabric they have strewn over each of our beds(still a mystery~ too small to be a coverlet, too large to be actually anything at all but a little swathe of navy finesse across the width of the bed. Strange).  I still could not fall asleep until after 2 a.m. because my body was still thinking it was late afternoon in Wichita! So I set the alarm for 7:30 for our 9:00 breakfast call, using my cell phone.  We are using every available outlet in the room, which is a total of three, and they are all working like a charm!  There is a very old British outlet into which the floor lamp is plugged, which consists of three ROUND prongs (cylindrical) instead of square, so we were unable to utilize that one.  Sleep did not come easily, but it finally ushered itself in, seemingly without my help.